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hey sorry for spamming yall just now

i needed to have a long talk with myself

because i hadn't been right for a while

not as good to you as i wanted to be

not as loving and joyful as i wanted to be

but i still mean all of those things

and i still am them

so off go my mutes and blocks

and if there's anything we should talk about, something i should say sorry to you for

just let me know and i will

i'm all here again

and i want you to know that everything's going to be ok

🔥​🔥​🔥​🔥​ ❤❤❤❤

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All my life I've been on the verge of something. I'm almost becoming a concert violinist and I run away to the races. I'm almost a good jockey and I go overweight. I'm almost a champion prizefighter and my eyes go bad. Now I've got it, now I've got what I'm going to be.
— Canada Lee

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@alyx hey do you already have a destination for when witches town shuts off? update (--~), birdsite link Show more

I have added a warning sign around the affected area

i would like cartoon network to release a soundtrack of marceline's songs.

thank u

Fellow sysadmins, need some help:

MegaRAID RAID0, failing drive was marked as offline, missing and prepared for removal.

Remote hands removed failing drive, added new one in. Now I can't seem to add the new drive back into the array.

Cannot Rebuild Physical Drive at Enclosure - 252, Slot - 5.

FW error description:
The specified device is in a state that doesn't support the requested command.

Drive is in unconfigured good status so not sure what is going on. Any ideas?



giant mood, y'all

over 25 years in the making

home, home on the range

where the deer and the antelope play

where seldom is heard

a discouraging word

and the skies are not cloudy all day

reminder if you're on the flip side <3