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lovecraft in brooklyn

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mysterious partygoer: psst!

the wise kitten focuses not on that which is lost, but on all that remains.

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hey sorry for spamming yall just now

i needed to have a long talk with myself

because i hadn't been right for a while

not as good to you as i wanted to be

not as loving and joyful as i wanted to be

but i still mean all of those things

and i still am them

so off go my mutes and blocks

and if there's anything we should talk about, something i should say sorry to you for

just let me know and i will

i'm all here again

and i want you to know that everything's going to be ok

🔥​🔥​🔥​🔥​ ❤❤❤❤

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Please help my beautiful, lovely girlfriend and her roommates afford a new place to live by either donating to their GoFundMe in the link below or by boosting this toot! Thank you!

if anyone out there could connect me to trans community and resources in san diego, ca, i’d greatly appreciate it and maybe even live a little longer

while you were busy being........ heterosexual, i studied the lance

I actually can't believe it

I opened wire web for the first time in 2 months and all of my messages decrypted in 10 minutes

the fix is real folks

trans seattleites, help yr girl out Show more

dude i fuckin contained so many multitudes this weekend.... shit was insane

wish i could extract this for you but i wanted you to have this important cat video in your life ❤️

Here's a thing I haven't done in ages: did you know you can buy my book of cyberpunk gonzo travel musings around the world?

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