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〽️kibi @leaf@sprite.land

in-person, and somewhere that isn't here

need time and a friend i think

i think
i have a lot
of history
to unpack
but i can't seem
to ever
find the chance

probably won't be on much again today

*takes a sip*
*burns her mouth*
*bark bark*

*growls at her tea*
im hunting
*bark bark*
hunting wild teas

you: a flock of geese
you: a murder of crows
you: a school of fish
me: a puddle of girlfriends

me: i am melting now i need a good strong girlfriend to hold me together
girlfriend: oh no i am also melting
me: oh no

worried and insecure
but trying to be strong
and good

this is the wrong bed for me and i'm very tired of it

basically everything in my life is wrong but there are people who can see past that and i love them so much

i've been posting the 🙇🏻‍♀️ emoji a lot lately because i'm just so thankful