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i am given to understand there are new people

therefore, an post for me again!!

i'm the fairy princess of sprite.land and i dislike monarchy, capital letters, and geographical distance

i like people and song lyrics and quiet radicalisms

i have a lot of names at different times

some biographic data: mid-20s computer security person ~monolingual white relationship-anarchist-ish alloromantic queer pan gender-fluid non-binary trans often-girl college dropout in chicago

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ok how do we put lessi to bed

fae overslept this morning so fae prob needs sleep

a fun thing about content warnings on masto is that you can have a DM conversation with someone where the whole thread is CWed with "[mutual friend] is great" even when you're no longer talking about that mutual friend

it's fun

is it vandalism to edit a wikipedia article to change a description of something in Perl that doesn't apply to Perl 6 to say "Perl 5 and earlier versions" (i started to pedant myself out of "earlier" but outpedanted myself into keeping it)

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hey y'all i wanna ask for some help for one of ours: @ashkitten is having trouble making ends meet. she needs another $200 a month to survive.

ash makes cool stuff you can see at

ashlea.me/ and github.com/ashkitten

and she also helps out.with mastodon!

i wanna help show that we're all in this together, so @iliana and i are both going to match pledges up to 50USD to ash's patreon this week. let's heckin do this!


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i am not sure why im awake

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this is what part of the wikipedia page on Web Colors looks like in my browser Show more

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