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time, eh

i'm surinna. i'm's local fairy princess :nes_fairy:

here i mostly try to be loving and stuff. apparently sometimes i end up talking about the overlap between feminism/anarchism/transhumanism or how monarchy is bad or music or gender. i'm also at @srn

some biographic data: mid-20s computer security person ~monolingual white polyamorous allo-sexual/-romantic queer pan non-binary trans ~girl college dropout in chicago.

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despite specifying my facebook gender as "rural trans dæmon girl website code", i have yet to receive any "rural trans dæmon girl website code" promoted content, what is wrong with you facebook

not being able to see folks' usernames or the visibility level of posts and such...

using upstream masto is kind of disorienting to me at this point tbh

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ah, i should sleep
nn y'all


it's easy to forget that this morning was this day's morning

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any furry artists on mastodon taking (large) telegram sticker pack commissions? :D

(feel free to boost)

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the other thing that makes me think it's probably ridiculous is skimming wikipedia about it if i'm being honest

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blame! is a good movie in a way that makes me think the manga is probably great and also probably ridiculous

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y'all i delete some really... nonsensical starts to posts sometimes

"i don't really get... music"

where are you going with this, self, lol

when i need to be reminded of the exact phrasing of the hero club five tenets, i search for "hero club five tenets"

the weirdest thing is that the first result is always some silly haskell package

so my default way to remind myself is to read the docs for that haskell package hehe

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